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Loungefly Exclusives!

It has always been our dream as retailers to have our own exclusive items through these large manufacturers like Funko and Loungefly. In 2021 we were able to accomplish this dream with our first Loungefly exclusive shared with NYCC 2021 - The first Darth Maul Loungefly bag! It was a raging success, first selling out on and then selling out on our website within 24 hours. We loved it, we still wear ours, and we love seeing others with a passion for Star Wars go crazy when they see it. We have continued brainstorming other Loungefly bags through the years and finally we saw it, Ghost Rider. It needed to be released upon the world and as big fans of Florida's largest convention MEGACON, we decided to release it as a convention bag! We know this decision will be misunderstood by a lot of people who live across the country and will be unable to purchase this bag but we really wanted to make this bag something exclusive and special to the masses. No worries though, as any bags left over after the event will be going on our website on Monday February 5th at 12pm EST.


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