We are changing a few things (FUNKO)

Due to the latest supply chain issues and the ongoing wait for pre-orders, we have decided we are no longer posting Funko Pops up for pre-order. We are working on transitioning the site so that we may have a waitlist section for Funko items that does not require money down and when the items arrive, we can invoice you. This will allow customers to reserve a bunch of items that may have separate shipping dates and pay as they see fit when they would like items to ship to them. As we develop this feature please be patient with us, we will continue to order the same quantities as we have been. This does not apply to Funko Soda Vinyls. Soda Vinyls usually ship within a reasonable time frame so we do not feel that pre-orders for those needs to change.

PopsNSon was started as a mission by collectors to help others find the Funko Pops! they need at a fair price and to assure our customers that we will package and ship everything to the best of our ability. None of that is changing, but due to amazing growth and a loyal client base, we will no longer be putting collections of Pops! we buy on the website.

In order to maintain quality control and keep a grade of all items on the

site so customers know the condition of every item, we are only going to be putting pieces that are $40+ .We will still be doing pre-orders and carrying on the MINT guarantee and any common pop that does not sell out during pre-order will be relisted on the website once those items are in stock.

This was a hard decision to make but we feel that the majority of our customers will appreciate the extra time we can now dedicate to keeping the website organized for pre-orders and help our customers find grails. We are always happy to look through our inventory if you need a certain piece, so feel free to message us if you're looking for something specific. Thank you to all our loyal customers and the great feedback we have received so far. It has been a great year and we appreciate everyone!